Majesty : Earthen Sculpture

Blake Richardson EarthArt

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The time that a sculptor might spend carving a stone I spend in nature searching for a stone that is carved over millions of years by the natural elements. I have no control over what I see in the stone but if it is speaking to me strongly I feel it is meant for someone like you. My gift is in revealing what I see and I’ve learned that less is more with the oil paints that I use to define the features in the stone. I search for unique refined pieces of driftwood smoothed by the element of water that I use to cradle the stone for display. When this truly unique one of a kind art piece is in your home it will enrich your space with the spirit of the land. It will impart it’s ancient wisdom over time and remind you that are never alone. You are always a part of and will reflect in everything surrounding you in the natural world.  Approx 28cm x 35cm